Parisian Style

Every time I go on holiday I tend to bring something back, something for the home. My new 'thing' is to search for anything I can use to wrap a gift with. My recent trip to Paris was no different......

I want to share some wrapping ideas with you using some fab purchases from the city of elegance!

Wrapping Paper

The best word to describe this paper is padded. Its good quality, thick and brilliant to work with. It doesn't crease in the places you don't want it to and just wrapping with this alone makes the gift look extra special. This was tucked away in shop called Drugstore along the Champs El ysees.


Feathers always make a gift more impressive - the one I have used here was from our wedding which I sprayed along the tip with gold sparkly paint. I bought these from CelloExpress


This dainty lace was my favourite purchase! You can get this and a wide range of haberdashery items here at Mercerie Moline. I also purchased the buttons below from the same shop.


Buttons are not only used in textiles but are lovely accessories to add to a wrapped gift. I fell in love with these and they complimented the lace- I am still not sure what I will use these for yet!


Never seen a tag like this  -  purchased from a high end stationary shop called Melodies Graphiques. Was my favourite shop of the trip. On-line this place has amazing reviews. I could have been in there for hours studying the hand calligraphed postcards, the 25 EUROS a sheet handmade wrapping paper (even I couldn't justify that) and the stamps and cute stationary on display. I don't think I will be using this gift tag - it's to beautiful to write on!